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Gap Year Travel Opportunities with Gap 360

Photo: Courtesy of Gap 360

Gap 360 offers a variety of affordable gap year travel opportunities in over 25 countries which may include adventure (diving, trekking),internships, volunteering, and independent travel. Gap 360's programs will be most suitable to U.S. students who are seeking an "independent" travel experience, and who want to connect with travelers from the U.K., Australia, New Zealand etc. For example, Gap 360 may appeal to U.S. students who are planning to take time out for some fun after college, but before graduate school, or between grad school and starting a career. Read more below and search our database under the "Exploring and Traveling" program category for details on a handful of Gap 360's opportunities!

Why Gap 360?

My Up With People Journey

Jeff Z. in Thailand: Photo Courtesy of Up with People

Jeff joined the Up with People program based out of Denver, Colorado, on a six month multicultural education program in 2007 traveling to seven countries and twenty cities learning global citizenship and gaining in depth cross-cultural understanding. Jeff says of his gap year experience, "I learned more about the world than I ever could have learned reading a book." Jeff's story below is an exceptional testimony about the personal impact and benefits of international travel and cultural immersion as part of a structured gap year experience before college. See link to Up with People at end of article.

The Journey of a Lifetime