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Global Gap Year Program - UNC Chapel Hill Offers Scholarships for Gap Year


The Global Gap Year program at UNC Chapel Hill is in its second year. First year students can apply for a fellowship in the amount of $7,500 to be used to help fund a year of service abroad.

This year, UNC will be selecting seven incoming first-year students for a Global Gap Year Fellowship. The fellowship provides $7,500 to each student for use toward a gap year that combines global travel with volunteer service. Current UNC students and the Campus Y help Gap Year Fellows prepare for their year abroad and integrate that experience into their education when they return to campus..follow link to UNC's web site for details on how to apply to the
Global Gap Year Program.

Peterson's Article Outlines Alternative Gap Year Options

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Peterson's College Search (A Comprehensive Guide to College Education in the U.S.) does a great job of succinctly outlining most popular alternatives for transitioning to college including a gap year. Read the article, Should You Take a Gap Year Before College and Explore Alternatives?

Article Quote:

"Many students (and their parents) worry about getting off the college-bound train, but we have found that most students interested in higher education will go to college, and that a gap year of some kind often increases their motivation for college and their odds of success once they enroll."

Admissions Directors and College Planners Support Gap Year

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Please read 'Gap Year', A Fulfilling Time for High School Graduates published in the Denver Post early this month by Kevin Simpson. Good news, Planet Gap Year is listed as a planning resource in the article! More good news.. 2 admissions directors as well as a college planning consultant based in Denver were interviewed in this article, and explain why they support students taking a gap year between high school and starting college.

College Success Guide Missing The Gap Year Option

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I recently reviewed an article on the internet entitled 'A Student's Guide to College'

Like many college guides the article points out the pitfalls that prevent so many from succeeding, but don't get to the root cause, nor do they offer real solutions. For example, One tip offered in the article is "Advance Preparation for Independent Management". Here's what it says:

"I can tell you that the best students come already prepared to manage themselves like adults. They have already established good study habits, keep to a bedtime, participate in a sport, go to class and make efforts to earn friends most like them, with similar interests and good habits as well."

MSNBC Reports More US Students Taking a Gap Year

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Great article from MSNBC Nov 2010 reveals gap year trend steadily growing in US.

Linda H. Connelly, post-high school counselor at New Trier Township High School, outside of Chicago, was quoted as saying "Low achievers, ultra-high achievers, and those in between, and can benefit from time off, to stave off burnout and indulge in a little self-discovery...they want to explore what’s out there in the world. It’s a time to reflect and not at such a fast pace. Students learn a lot, it helps them figure out what they want. I see kids blossom, find their passions.”
Read More U.S. students taking ‘gap year’ break..

"The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College by Kristin White"

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Please read author Kristin White's blog post below outlining her new gap year planning book, and then follow link at bottom of blog to her site.

I am the author of a new book called “The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College.” As an educational consultant, I work with students who are applying to colleges and private schools and other educational options, but I found that helping students craft an exciting gap year program was my favorite part of the job. I ended up writing this book because there are so few good books out on the gap year. There are some that are focused on British students, on backpackers and travelers, or for parents, but there really wasn’t a comprehensive directory of structured programs, or a book that included chapters about the college admissions implications of the gap year. I spent a year researching and writing the book and I found a few facts which might be new or interesting information for you.

The Gap Year - One of Higher Education's Hottest Trends

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New gap year novel aimed at young adults

The article, Mind The Gap by Kayte Korwitts, appeared in Chicago's North Shore Magazine yesterday. It highlights the current 'gap year' trend amongst some high school graduates, and briefly reviews Cliare Zulkey's young adult novel An Off Year, an account of an acutely self-conscious and hyper-intelligent 18-year-old who arrives at a small liberal-arts college only to turn around and go home.

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Applications for gap year options on the rise

As College Funding Sources Decline, Gap Year Options More Attractive

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The New York Times Business section recently published Delaying College for a Year Could Have Benefits, an article by Jonathan Glater which argues that NOW is an ideal time to take a year out, because college funds are scarce. Read the article, then return to our Gap Year Options database to find specifics on a range of volunteer service,volunteer travel, study abroad, internships, and more!