Recommended Gap Year Reads by Julia Levine Rogers

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Recommended Gap Year Reads
by Julia Levine Rogers of EnRoute Gap Year Consulting

For hundreds of years, tales have been spun about the adventures of travelers in distant lands. Memoirs of these travels serve to inform – and inspire- its readers. The following list compiles travelogues written in the 20th century by authors as famous as Che Guevara to former American Dad writer Steve Hely. They range from serious to hilarious, but they all describe challenging yourself in a foreign location. Even if that location is our own Appalachian Trail! These books just may help you decide where to set your own gap year memoir…

Travel Writing:

"The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College by Kristin White"

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Please read author Kristin White's blog post below outlining her new gap year planning book, and then follow link at bottom of blog to her site.

I am the author of a new book called “The Complete Guide to the Gap Year: The Best Things to Do Between High School and College.” As an educational consultant, I work with students who are applying to colleges and private schools and other educational options, but I found that helping students craft an exciting gap year program was my favorite part of the job. I ended up writing this book because there are so few good books out on the gap year. There are some that are focused on British students, on backpackers and travelers, or for parents, but there really wasn’t a comprehensive directory of structured programs, or a book that included chapters about the college admissions implications of the gap year. I spent a year researching and writing the book and I found a few facts which might be new or interesting information for you.

The Gap Year - One of Higher Education's Hottest Trends

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New gap year novel aimed at young adults

The article, Mind The Gap by Kayte Korwitts, appeared in Chicago's North Shore Magazine yesterday. It highlights the current 'gap year' trend amongst some high school graduates, and briefly reviews Cliare Zulkey's young adult novel An Off Year, an account of an acutely self-conscious and hyper-intelligent 18-year-old who arrives at a small liberal-arts college only to turn around and go home.

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Applications for gap year options on the rise