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The Debate Rages On!! To Take a Gap Year, or Not to Take a Gap Year

I just reviewed the article "Gap Year Now or Study Abroad?" by Leobardo Espinoza the New York Times, posted March 21, 2013. Follow the link:

This article reminds me that there continues to be a mind-set that is deeply embedded in our culture in America that makes people "afraid" to deviate in any way from the rigid path we are expected to follow from high school, to obtaining a college degree to landing the first job. Any alternative paths automatically raise red flags. Frankly, I'm convinced that the fear that dissuades some people from considering a gap year is routed in the same fear that many Americans harbor around the fear of taking time off from work.

Gap Year Travel Opportunities with Gap 360

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Gap 360 offers a variety of affordable gap year travel opportunities in over 25 countries which may include adventure (diving, trekking),internships, volunteering, and independent travel. Gap 360's programs will be most suitable to U.S. students who are seeking an "independent" travel experience, and who want to connect with travelers from the U.K., Australia, New Zealand etc. For example, Gap 360 may appeal to U.S. students who are planning to take time out for some fun after college, but before graduate school, or between grad school and starting a career. Read more below and search our database under the "Exploring and Traveling" program category for details on a handful of Gap 360's opportunities!

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