5 Effective Marketing Ideas For ATM Machine Companies

With the increased number of ATM’s, there is the need for differentiation so as to create a competitive edge. Atm suppliers such as Next Payments need to market themselves so as to reach a wider audience and gain clients. Moreover, the marketing strategies change rapidly with the development of technologies and there is need to quickly adapt to stay relevant. In the course of research, we have identified about five effective marketing ideas that companies can implement so as to increase their reach.

Social Media

The use of social media platforms is the most effective marketing tool. According to statistics, people use 80% of their time on social media platforms especially using their phones. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn provide opportunities to obtain thousands of new clients. Let people know about your company, services you offer and expertise. What’s more, engage forums that are available to engage like-minded individuals focused in the industry.

Don’t just create your profile and leave it at that. Constantly provide content and engage users who show interest in what you have to offer. Create time to answer any questions and clarification. Also, make use of the marketing tools available to reach more users. The key is to know your target group and use appropriate information to reach out to them.


It is crucial for businesses to have a website, ATM and EFTPOS cash out system companies are no different. A website helps to build credibility. Furthermore, the website should be as detailed as possible. It should give information on the company, services offered, team and if possible a system of giving quotations to prospects. Getting a good website is not an expensive affair since there are many platforms the company can use. Moreover, graphic designers are available and can work within a set budget to give satisfactory results.


Using referrals is a marketing technique that has been there for decades and still works. Referrals come from your existing clients and people that know about the company. The method only works if the services you offer are excellent and the engagement is beneficial to clients. Remember that 82% of people often seek the recommendation of friends and family.

Create a good reputation and the referrals will come. Especially important is to also engage companies related to the industry. For example, engaging with professionals in the real estate, law, bank and financial industry in general. The engagement will enable them to refer clients to you since some of the services are complementary.

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Use of visuals

The use of visual aids to communicate has been there since the 1930’s. However, there has been a lot of development in the forms of visuals and in the way to use them. It is proven that most of the people remember what they see more than they read. It is therefore important to tap into this marketing tactic.

The most common visual forms of advertising include videos, images, and infographics. What’s more, these can be used on various platforms such as website, social media, the office premises just to mention a few.

Create visuals that give information not only about the company but also educational. For example, describe the process of obtaining a mortgage, evaluation etcetera. The key is to give information that keeps the user wanting to know more.

Live Chat

It is a feature especially relevant when it comes to websites. It helps visitors to feel welcome and appreciated. In addition, it accords them an opportunity to ask questions about the company. The interaction with visitors via live chat leads to higher rates of conversion since the traffic is relevant.

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