An Affordable Gap Year, Part I

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Julia Levine of EnRoute Consulting discusses affordable, varied and very exciting Gap Year Options. If you need assistance planning a gap year, or just have general questions on affordable options, contact Julia directly at EnRoute Consulting

An Affordable Gap Year, Part I
Some elements of a gap year are essential: exploration of a personal interest, traveling domestically or abroad, pushing your comfort zone and opening yourself up to new experiences. There is one thing that a gap year doesn’t have to be: expensive.

Gap Year Counselor Standing by to Assist You!

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Julia Levine is an experienced Gap Year Adviser, based in Vermont, whose passion is to help students and parents across the country plan effective gap year experiences. In the coming months, Julia will be contributing valuable Gap Year planning advice to our readers. Read her first post below, then visit her at EnRoute Consulting to have her answer your questions and help you plan your gap year!

Mapping the Gap:
How a Gap Year Adviser Can Help You Make the Most of Your Gap Year

By Julia Levine, Director, EnRoute Consulting

Radical Parenting?


Need information on the benefits of sending your student on a gap year before starting college, and easy planning steps?

Check out Mind the Gap: Taking a Year Off Before College by Julie Levine, of, a student gap year adviser in Missoula, MT.

"Why Use a Gap-Year Counselor?"

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The following story was contributed to Planet Gap Year by Holly Bull, a Gap Year Consultant and President of The Center for Interim Programs in Princeton, New Jersey. Interim is a service that enables one to pursue structured alternatives to formal education or work by matching interests with over 5,000 internships, volunteer positions, apprenticeships, cultural study programs, etc. worldwide. This "time on" can provide new direction, sharpen hazy career goals, rejuvenate those on the verge of burnout, and offer a much-needed break to students between high school and college, or in college.