Gap Year Travel Opportunities with Gap 360

Photo: Courtesy of Gap 360

Gap 360 offers a variety of affordable gap year travel opportunities in over 25 countries which may include adventure (diving, trekking),internships, volunteering, and independent travel. Gap 360's programs will be most suitable to U.S. students who are seeking an "independent" travel experience, and who want to connect with travelers from the U.K., Australia, New Zealand etc. For example, Gap 360 may appeal to U.S. students who are planning to take time out for some fun after college, but before graduate school, or between grad school and starting a career. Read more below and search our database under the "Exploring and Traveling" program category for details on a handful of Gap 360's opportunities!

Why Gap 360?

1. Gap 360 is a UK-based organization that offers a wide range of programs and trips for people interested in Going Traveling.

2. A Gap Year to us is all about Going Traveling and seeing the world. It’s about a personal journey of exploration and discovering more about yourself. Sure, America is a great place, but there is so much more to see out there! And, once you have seen it, you may well come to appreciate even more what you have here at home.

3. Gap 360 will help open your eyes to our amazing planet… choose from over 125 trips in over 25 different countries.

4. It’s about the local people you’ll meet along the way in the places you pass through.

5. It’s about the amazing places that you will visit (both big and famous as well as small and out-of-the-way).

6. You will meet like-minded travelers from all over the world, some of who may become life long friends.

7. You will do stuff like volunteering to help communities, wildlife or conservation.

8. If you like wild thrills, try our Adrenaline Adventures, we have loads to choose from.

9. If you want to earn money, try teaching English abroad.

10. For learning new skills, think of diving, sailing, or learning Mandarin.

And if it’s travel and adventure you seek, well…you have come to the right place!

Check out Go traveling with people from the UK and elsewhere…Americans are very welcome. And, you’ll find that our prices are inexpensive with lots of departure dates.